The Origins Of Blasphemy

Blasphemy has naturally been around since the first hominid created the first gods. It’s not just in regards to the Christian God, but any god, from religions long past, and several different types of mythology from various regions and cultures. Blasphemy can also be taken to mean various different things regarding religion, or just profane […]

Blasphemy Laws

Although much of the world has taken for granted their ability to speak freely, the same is not true in other countries. No matter how objective a writer tries to be, there’s no getting around the subjective opinion about laws against blasphemy. There are several, in many different countries, although some laws are stricter, and […]

Blasphemy In Catholic, Christian, and Jewish Culture

Blasphemy is thought of in many different ways by different Christian denominations, such as Catholic, Baptists, etc. Blasphemy, disrespect of God or the Torah is condemned entirely in the Jewish religion. The Torah states that anyone found guilty of committing blasphemy “shall surely be put to death,” as per the third book of the Torah, […]

Blasphemy In Islam

Blasphemy in the Islamic religion is similar in many ways to Christian blasphemy, but in other ways, contrasts sharply away from that of Christianity. Some of the similar ways to blaspheme would be speaking negatively about any of the prophets found in the Quran, or that there are any other gods, or, to say that […]

Blasphemy: The Band & The Book

The band Blasphemy is a black metal group that released their first demo in 1989, entitled “Blood Upon The Altar.” They originally grouped together though in 1984, and are from Branbury, Canada. They toured with a label called Wild Rags in the United States, but eventually separated from the company over issues to do with […]

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