• The Origins Of Blasphemy

    Blasphemy can also be taken to mean various different things regarding religion, or just profane language in general. Other ways to commit blasphemy, according to some, are speaking of a belief in something other than their culture’s religion of choice. [Read More]

  • Blasphemy Laws

    There are several laws, in many different countries, although some laws are stricter, and some punishments more harsh than others. Many people don’t also realize that although the United States is a “free” country, there are still blasphemy laws on the books from the founding days. [Read More]

  • Blasphemy In Islam

    Blasphemy in the Islamic religion is similar in many ways to Christian blasphemy, but in other ways, contrasts sharply away from that of Christianity.Usually, being found guilty of blasphemy in the Islamic religion means either life imprisonment or execution. [Read More]

  • Blasphemy: The Band & The Book

    The band Blasphemy is a black metal group that released their first demo in 1989, entitled “Blood Upon The Altar.” The novel Blasphemy is a sci-fi drama mystery novel, written by Douglas Preston. [Read More]